• Objective: The study tour provides students with an exposure towards academic activities and business trends in the country they visit. The students get to witness the culture and living style of the people in that country. The Indian educational institute gets an opportunity to connect with their counterparts in different countries through these tours. These tours can be the stepping stone for the universities.

  • Academic Activities: The tour will have academic focus wherein the students will visit a foreign university and will attend a lecture / seminar. The lectures will be conducted by the head of department or a fulltime professor / subject expert of the University. The lectures comprise of information on the University and information on a pre-decided topic for the students. The students get the feel of studying in the international environment wherein the international faculty provides them information on a particular topic. The interactive sessions helps them to understand the teaching methodology in the country and gives them the feel of difference in dialect used by the faculty. The sessions are followed by a campus tour. This helps students to learn more about infrastructure and the technology used in the campus. The students are able to witness the discipline followed within the campus during their tour. Entry into an on-going classroom session gives them a feel of the teaching pattern. Visits to various facilities such as library, labs, indoor & outdoor sports activities, cafeteria, etc gives the students an overall understanding about the ways international students spend their day at campus. The hostel facility helps students to understand the accommodation styles adopted by the students in these countries.

  • Industrial Visits: During the tour, the students get an opportunity to visit various companies / government organizations / start-ups, etc to get a feel of business trends followed by that country. The industrial visits, give students the insight of how the companies in particular sector operate. Interactions with the authorities of these companies help students to get knowledge about the modus operandi of the companies. The authorities discuss about the challenges faced by their organizations during the operations. Students get first hand information about the latest technology/ business policies used in the organizations. These visits also help students to compare the way business operates in those countries and India. The students get an insight about the various aspects of business such as staffing, marketing, finance, etc. Normally in a study tour we try to arrange 2-3 industrial visits, depending upon the duration of tour. The visits of the company are confirmed before the students travel to that country.

  • Additional visits: Depending upon the duration and the itinerary, we try to arrange visits to various other organizations such as: National Library, Chamber of Commerce, Education Ministry, Etc.

  • Sight-seeing: Sight-seeing for the key attraction places in the particular country / city is arranged for the students. The study tour also includes: city tour, visits to specific museums, fun at Universal Studio (Or something similar), some shopping experience, etc. Most of these tickets are included in the costs of tour.

  • Accommodation: The accommodations during the student tour are arranged at Youth Hostels or in 2/3 – Star hotels depending upon the availability and the cost. The locations of these accommodations are selected based on the safety of the students and the travel time. The rooms normally are offered on twin or triple sharing basis.

  • Transportation: The transportations during the tour are mostly on private basis. However, to give experience to the students, certain part of transportation is done by public transport (Buses / trains / Metro).


We organize tours for faculty members that are designed to widen their perspective on their subject of teaching. We empower faculties by making them aware about the global educational trends and giving them an experience and feel of the international educational environment. The idea is to go beyond the four walls of a classroom and enlarge the canvas for faculty members to ultimately give quality learning to students. The tours help the faculty in understanding best teaching practices in different countries. What set us apart are our customized tours designed after a careful analysis of the faculty and educational institution's strengths, weaknesses and requirements.

Program Overview

  • Subject-specific tours for faculty members.
  • Learn new dimensions of teaching from different countries.
  • Interact with foreign counterparts and global subject experts
  • Witness the culture, history and lifestyle of different countries.

Benefits To Faculty

  • Visit to educational institutions and industries in the host country .
  • Highly focused and subject-oriented program.
  • Opportunity to witness teaching trends in different parts of the world.

SAMViT Advantages

  • Strong network established with the foreign Universities & faculties.
  • Connecting with universities / colleges of mutual interest.
  • Creating various platforms for liked minded subject experts.
  • One stop solution for all activities related to the faculty tour program
  • Perfect blend of work and fun in a foreign land.


SAMViT's student exchange program is targeted at graduate and post-graduate students. We also provide opportunities for students to attend summer school programs of various universities across globe. Similarly the foreign students can participate in the summer school programs designed by various Indian institutions. It is a unique opportunity to study a particular semester or a specific topic in a foreign university. We build people-to-people links between India and partner countries, especially among the youth. Our aim is not just to bridge information gaps, but also give participants an all-access pass to discover and explore a new culture.Our aim is not just to bridge information gaps, but also give participants an all-access pass to discover and explore a new culture. The duration of this exchange program could be between two weeks and one year depending upon the partnering universities.


Program Overview

  • For graduate and post-graduate students.
  • Go beyond classroom learning and allow participants to explore new cultures.
  • Duration could be between two weeks and one year.
  • Attend niche topic seminars / workshops or short duration programs in universities / colleges in other countries.
  • Host foreign students in your country and offer them the best of your university/ college.

Benefits To Students

  • Experience best teaching techniques.
  • Interact with foreign students'
  • Understand foreign educational system.
  • Understand foreigners' perspective on India.

SAMViT Advantages

  • Connect with right foreign universities interested in students exchange programs.
  • Assistance in identifying common subjects and topics for student exchange programs.
  • Customized student exchange programs based on the needs of partnering universities / colleges.
  • Authenticity with regards to the interest of the foreign university in the student exchange programs.
  • Opportunity to Indian universities / colleges to invite foreign students at their campus in India.


SAMViT organises visits of renowned and distinguished faculty from all over the globe to your university/ institute. We ensure that the visiting faculties gain as much from their visit to a culturally varied nation, as much as the host country gains from knowledge of the faculty. The experience goes a long way for the faculty members as well as their students. We also organise visit of your faculty to various countries

Program Overview

Invite faculty / subject experts from foreign countries.

  • Understand various teaching techniques across leading global universities.
  • Better understanding of niche subjects through international subject experts.
  • Opportunity to train the trainer wherein the international faculty can discuss with home faculty on teaching specific topics.
  • Invite international faculty to guide your faculty and students especially for PhD guidance.

Benefits To Participants

  • Opportunity to invite international faculty at your campus.
  • Learn new perspectives on niche subjects.
  • Send your faculty to universities in other countries to share their expertise
  • Provide international exposure for students through interactions with international faculty.

SAMViT Advantages

  • Strong network established with the faculties & subject experts across various countries.
  • Creating various platforms for liked minded subject experts.
  • Opportunity to send your faculty to different countries.
  • Easy access to distinguished faculty to be invited to your campus.
  • Opportunity for one-on-one interaction with visiting subject experts.
  • Dedicated faculty visits all round the year.


SAMViT acts as a catalyst to promote collaborative research programs between researchers –both students and faculty in India and their overseas counterparts. We help researchers in identifying partners for international research activities to ensure quality research takes place between the two countries. We also assist in organizing National & International Conferences as per the needs of the educational institutions.

We assist in

  • Selection of theme for conference
  • Arranging Key Note Speakers (National & International)
  • Marketing of the Conference
  • Inviting Papers for Presentation
  • Paper Review
  • Getting ISBN number
  • Over all arrangement of the conference.

Program Overview

  • For students and teachers.
  • To conduct joint research with international partners.
  • To discuss international research topics.
  • Identify suitable research partners.
  • Ensure access to varied resources for research.

Benefits to Researchers

  • Understand international perspectives on the subject of research.
  • Use of latest technology and equipments available in different universities across the globe.
  • Enhance quality of research by interacting with global subject experts.
  • Access to variety of international material for research.

SAMViT Advantages

  • Identifying suitable research partners in different countries
  • Assistance in connecting with suitable Universities / college with mutual interests.
  • Easy access to distinguished faculty to be invited to your campus.
  • Strong network with universities and research centers in different countries.